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Doorway to Teak!

All forms of expression, either intended to an ornamental use or to a functional and practical use, reflect the tastes of a society, the style of a period, the way of living. Objects and furniture have each their own meaning and they gain so an abstract and concrete value at the same time, characterizing a man, an environment, a period.

But among the various ways of expression and interpretation there are also the individual ways, that give the personal touch of the artist, and the collective ones as the style, which is well understood and collected by Viji Saravanan in Timber. Each furniture in Timber has been well conceptualized and presents a unique design and well finished look with a mix of antique and contemporary ones. The showroom has a collection of various furnitures ranging from Mirror frames, artifacts, stands, tables, cots, sofas, diwans, dining, chairs and other intrically designed furnitures which is rich and diversified.